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More area Blockbuster stores are facing The End
Netflix, Redbox becoming more popular than rental stores
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The days of the video rental store are ending.

Today, many area Blockbuster stores will begin selling inventory rather than renting.

Customers at the last remaining Gainesville location Friday morning had mixed feelings about the closure.

Jayde Ramos of Gainesville admitted it was the first time she had stepped foot in a Blockbuster in years.

The only reason she was there was to purchase movies for Christmas gifts. She said she uses Netflix, an Internet subscription service that allows members to receive movies through the mail and via the Internet.

"It's always sad to see a business shut down because I had a business years ago. But I've kinda been expecting it," Ramos said.

Alex Paguay of Gainesville said he had no idea the store was going to close. He and his children visit the Blockbuster store on Dawsonville Highway about once a week.

"For me this is great, even for the kids because the kids can come and pick any movie they want. ... They love to come here and pick a movie. It's like the best thing they can do," Paguay said.

Paguay does not subscribe to Netflix and has only used Redbox, a movie rental kiosk, twice.

He said he doesn't care for the small selection of movies you can choose from with Redbox and has reservations about Netflix's monthly charge.

"But since I don't have a choice, I guess I'm going to have to get Netflix," Paguay said.

Blockbuster Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year. In April, its assets were sold to DISH Network Corporation. Representatives from the Blockbuster Inc. corporate office in McKinney, Texas, could not be reached for comment. Employees were not permitted to speak on the closing.

Employees who answered the phone on Friday confirmed that locations in Flowery Branch, Braselton, Gainesville and Buford will no longer rent movies after the weekend. The stores will sell inventory until sometime in January.


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