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McEver Road resurfacing project could wrap up this week
McEver Road gets resurfaced between Flat Creek Road and Bentwood Drive in August 2017. - photo by Scott Rogers

Oakwood has picked up where it left off last year with rebuilding heavily traveled McEver Road.

Workers are resurfacing the mostly two-lane, half-mile stretch between Flat Creek Road and Bentwood Drive, just north of Oakwood Road. Flat Creek and Oakwood roads are key roads leading to the South Hall city’s downtown.

“It’s not a very lengthy section, but it’s about all we could afford,” City Manager Stan Brown said.

The job could be finished this week, he said.

The project — a road reclamation process that uses recycled materials — also involves adding about 2 feet of shoulders to either side of the stretch.

“That should help protect the road and make it a little safer … and a better ride,” Brown said.

The project costs about $300,000, with most of the funding coming from the city’s special purpose local option sales tax revenue.

Last year, the city joined with Hall County in rebuilding McEver between the city limits at Mud Creek and Flat Creek Road — a 2-mile stretch.

That stretch of road had particularly fallen into bad shape, marked by long, jagged asphalt cracks.

“It’s just a matter of McEver gets a lot of traffic on it, and it was time to do (the work),” Brown said.

McEver is a main West Hall artery running from Gainesville to Buford, and is flanked on either side by homes, schools and churches.

Hall County also is involved with Flowery Branch in rebuilding McEver’s intersection at Gainesville Street/Jim Crow Road.

Funded by special purpose local option sales tax money, it calls for new right- and left-turn lanes at all approaches to the heavily used intersection.

That project could be completed in late 2017 or early 2018.

Brown said Oakwood would like to finish rebuilding McEver from Bentwood Drive north to Mundy Mill Road.

“We’ll have to break it into segments to do that,” he said. “For us, we only have about $300,000 a year we can do toward paving, based on our budget, so we’re having to take it in those kinds of bites.”

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