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McEver mural by student artists depicts food groups
McEver Arts Academy fourth-grader Athena Lux, 9, writes upside down Friday on a large mural created by artist Karin Mervis with students and staff and parents at the school.

A grant and community artist combined to help brighten up the McEver Arts Academy cafeteria.

The elementary school students along with school staff and parents have worked with Georgia-based artist Karin Mervis to paint a 15-foot by 9-foot acrylic mural painting on wood, sponsored by a Dairy Council grant. The mural features different healthy foods from the five basic food groups, as well as plenty of dairy-related items.

As part of the project, students have also been engaging with Roberto Clemente Jr., the son of Roberto Clemente, a Hall of Fame baseball player from Puerto Rico who died in a plane crash in 1972. They held a conversation with him via Skype Friday, along with unveiling the mural.