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Man rescued after fall from Raven Cliffs in White County
White County authorities rescued a man Wednesday after he fell some 50 feet from Raven Cliffs in White County.

More than 20 emergency responders spent more than three hours on Wednesday rescuing a man who had fallen 50 feet down an embankment at White County’s Raven Cliffs.

White County Fire Department spokeswoman Ana Newberry said a call came in about 1:25 p.m. Wednesday from hikers who found the man’s dog on the trail and then spotted the injured man below.

Rescuers spent an hour hiking into the location and another two hours extracting the victim and carrying him out in a basket, she said. He was airlifted from a landing zone away from the wilderness.

The man’s injuries were described as critical but not life-threatening. He was flown to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Fire officials did not release the man’s name.

A 29-year-old man was injured last month when he fell from the falls located at the top of Raven Cliffs trail. Scott Holmes of Marietta became wedged in the narrow space between two cliffs where the main waterfall plunges. He was trapped on the rocks, unable to move, until being rescued by White County authorities.

The Raven Cliffs trail begins from the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway and dead-ends 2.5 miles later at the base of the falls. There is no trail that goes to the top of the falls. The U.S. Forest Service banned rock climbing at the site years ago because of the potential for accidents.

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