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Man pulled over, robbed by men posing as police
Gainesville police searching for 3 suspects in Friday night incident
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A man driving through Gainesville thought he was being pulled over by police on Friday night.

Instead, he became the victim of armed robbery, according to the Gainesville Police Department.

Gainesville police are looking for three male suspects, one white and two black, in connection with a reported robbery, impersonation of an officer and false imprisonment on Dawsonville Highway near Sportsman Club Road, said Kevin Holbrook, a spokesman for the department.

The victim said he was driving on Dawsonville Highway around 11:30 p.m. when a white SUV with chrome wheels and tinted windows pulled up behind him with flashing blue lights from its grill, Holbrook said.

According to the report, the man thought police were pulling him over for a traffic stop.

The victim even told the police that one of the suspects displayed some sort of badge.

Instead of getting a ticket, Holbrook said the victim "was pulled out at gunpoint and detained for 20 minutes."

No one was injured, Holbrook said, and the only item reported stolen was the victim's cellphone.

Once the man was released, he drove his car to a nearby convenience store to report the crime.

There have been no arrests, and the report is still under investigation.

The crime poses a difficult question for residents who may be concerned about something similar happening to them.

Holbrook said there are a few things to remember.

"Typically only our marked patrol vehicles conduct routine traffic stops," he said.

If a situation arises when an unmarked vehicle attempts to pull over a driver, residents have a few options, Holbrook said.

"If you feel it might be suspicious, pull over at a well-lit or highly populated area," he suggested, "or simply contact 911 from your cell phone."

Drivers can ask the dispatch officer if they are being pulled over by a legitimate law enforcement officer.

Also, he said, law enforcement officers wear uniforms.

"And never hesitate to ask for identification," he added. 

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