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Man indicted on charges of soliciting inmates to commit murder
Inmates came forward to authorities
Sean Patrick Mendes
Sean Patrick Mendes

A man was indicted last month for allegedly asking three men at the Hall County Jail to commit a murder, according to authorities and court documents.

Sean Patrick Mendes, of Forsyth County, was charged June 21 with solicitation of murder by a Hall County grand jury.

“While in the Hall County Jail, he solicited fellow inmates to kill (a person) so that (the person) couldn’t testify,” Hall County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Ware said.

The indictment alleges Mendes “did solicit, request and attempt to cause” three men between Oct. 27, 2014, and Jan. 5, 2015, to commit a murder.

Ware said inmates came forward to law enforcement.

Ware said Mendes was in the jail as a boarded out inmate from Forsyth County.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections database, Mendes is currently serving a sentence on charges of rape and aggravated sexual battery, among others.

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