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Man indicted in September murder
Breazeale, of Flowery Branch, accused of stabbing Lawrenceville man to death
0921Breazeale-Randall breazeale
Randall Lewis Breazeale

A Hall County grand jury indicted Randall Lewis Breazeale of Flowery Branch last week on several counts stemming from the September murder of a Lawrenceville man.

Breazeale, 56, is accused of stabbing Tony Caswell Reece to death on Sept. 16 at Alicia Flores' home in Hillside Apartments off Chattahoochee Street in Flowery Branch.

Breazeale was indicted Oct. 10 on three counts of felony murder, as well as one count each of murder, attempted kidnapping, aggravated assault, burglary and misdemeanor cruelty to children in the third degree.

According to the indictment, Breazeale entered Flores' home "without her knowledge and authority, with a knife and rope and (hid) in a closet."

Flowery Branch Police Chief Gerald Lanich said the resident of the home where the murder occurred was a "mutual relation."

Flores and a 7-year-old girl witnessed the murder and Breazeale is accused of attempting to kidnap the two.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Thursday but is no longer necessary because of the indictment.

Breazeale's assigned Public Defender Brett Willis declined to comment and Hall County District Attorney Lee Darragh couldn't provide specific details about the indictment.

"Since it is a pending case I cannot talk about the substance of the allegations," Darragh said. "Obviously, these are serious charges and will be pursued as such."

Police searched for Breazeale after the incident and arrested him Sept. 20 when a Hall County deputy saw him sleeping in his car at Little River Park off Cleveland Highway.

Breazeale remains in the Hall County Jail without bond.


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