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Man helps those stranded on icy South Hall roads
David Talpes

David Talpes’ Wednesday morning joyride on his RZR 1000 UTV turned into a daylong mission to get people home and get cars off the road.

Having moved to the Flowery Branch area six months ago,Talpes said he loved the friendly neighborhood feeling and wanted to get involved.

“(My wife Alina) goes,’Well look at that. You got your wish. Now half the county knows you,’” Talpes said Wednesday night.

Talpes said he was out riding in South Hall before the snow melted this morning.

“We saw a whole bunch of people stranded and I told my wife, ‘Let’s turn around and I’ll drop you guys off.’ And let me see if I can help some people out,” Talpes said.

The Flowery Branch man said he helped some get home and pulled around 30 vehicles with his side-by-side vehicle.

Another man with a Jeep appeared later in the day and helped pull some of the larger vehicles.

“When it got quiet in our area … I would go around in a circle from Spout Springs (Road) to Elizabeth (Lane) and then on to Cash Road and just kind of do a circle and see if there was anyone else that needed help,” Talpes said.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office praised Talpes on its social media page for helping on that stretch, saying “every person he’s helped out of the ditch freed up a patrolman to answer other calls.”

“Once you’re committed, you’re at the mercy of gravity going down that hill,” Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks said of the area.

Talpes returned home around 6 p.m. Wednesday and then began using his 4x4 truck.

“I’m going like every 30 minutes or so just to see if there’s anyone out there,” he said.

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