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Man found guilty on 2 battery charges in homeless beating
Jury finds David Keener guilty of hitting man with branch, kicking him, stitching his ear
David Keener, left, and attorney Tom Csider listen as the verdicts are announced Friday afternoon in Hall County Superior Court.

A man was found guilty in Hall County Superior Court of two counts of aggravated battery, but was acquitted of aggravated assault on a man in a Gainesville homeless camp.

David William Keener, 50, was accused of kicking Steven Yearwood in the face with a steel-toed boot Aug. 4, then sewing his injured ear.

Keener was found guilty of two counts of aggravated battery. The indictment had accused Keener of hitting Yearwood with a branch and stitching his ear. He was accused in the second count of disfiguring Yearwood by kicking him.

The jury found Keener not guilty of the third count of aggravated assault, which accused him of kicking Yearwood in the head and face with steel-toed boots.

A witness testified Wednesday that she left camp briefly and when she returned, blood was pouring from Yearwood’s head and Keener was standing above him.

Keener testified Thursday he was defending himself against a man who wanted to kill him. He also said he didn’t kick the man and only punched him twice.

Keener has been on trial in Hall County Superior Court before Judge Andrew Fuller since Wednesday. Fuller decided to delay sentencing.

Some 70 potential jurors appeared for jury selection in the case involving Randall Huling. Keener was indicted in September on charges of felony murder and aggravated battery relating to Huling’s death.

According to the indictment, Keener is accused of beating Huling’s head against a guardrail Aug. 14.

Keener’s next trial involving the allegations with Huling will begin Monday in Fuller’s courtroom.

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