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Jury finds man not guilty of raping, assaulting 2 women after party
Roger Dale Brock 2017.jpg
Roger Dale Brock

A Braselton man was acquitted of the most serious sexual assault charges levied against him, but the jury found him guilty on a misdemeanor charge Wednesday, March 27.

Following roughly 35 minutes of deliberations, the Hall County jury found Roger Dale Brock Jr. not guilty of rape and aggravated sexual battery.

The jury, however, was asked to consider a lesser charge of misdemeanor sexual battery on the second count, and returned a guilty verdict.

The allegations against Brock stemmed from a Nov. 3, 2017, party. The indictment alleged sexual assault against two separate women the following day.

Sentencing has not yet been scheduled.

The felony charges would have carried a minimum 25-year sentence, but the misdemeanor has a maximum 1-year punishment.

Defense attorney Dale Perry said he felt the jury listened to the evidence and decided fairly.

“It’s a compromise verdict, but I sure did like the compromise. I think it’s a fair verdict,” Perry said.

Brock was first charged with the aggravated sexual battery in November 2017 by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, but the rape charge was added in an October indictment.

Investigator Brett Roach said Tuesday the “discrepancies in consensual and non-consensual” sex prompted more work before the rape charge was pursued.