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Mail delivery almost back to normal
90 percent of Hall received mail Thursday
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After a few days of intermittent service, the U.S. Postal Service is slowly making its way back to regular operations.

"We've improved and increased the number of deliveries over the past couple of days," said Michael Miles, spokesman for the USPS in Atlanta.

"More post offices are open."

The storm that came through Sunday night all but shut down the postal system, with most mail not making it from the processing center to local offices, Miles said.

Miles said about 90 percent of Hall County houses received mail Thursday.

He said there is a small possibility of deliveries being made on Sunday as well as Monday, a national holiday, to make up for lost time, although he added that it is unlikely.

Local governments are still not allowing deliveries in some remote areas, but Miles said service has been authorized in all of Hall County.

"Everywhere that we are allowed to go, we're making an attempt to go," he said.

But some rural roads are still iced over and Miles said it's unclear exactly when service will resume in those places.

On Monday, FedEx made virtually no deliveries because cargo planes couldn't land at airports and any businesses that could be reached were closed, said spokesman Jim McCluskey.

FedEx is "slowly getting back up to normal operations" but is still having trouble reaching remote roads, McCluskey said Thursday.

UPS drivers have in some cases been calling homes they can't reach, asking owners if they can meet the trucks at a passable road, said Susan Rosenberg, spokeswoman for UPS in Atlanta.

"In some cases, people may have four-wheel drive where they can drive down to meet up with our driver," she said.

Rosenberg said drivers have also been picking up more packages than normal from businesses that were closed earlier in the week.

She said there are still some rural roads the trucks can't reach.

"It's not a full recovery," she said. "But we are cleaning up."


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