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Lula works out details of new sewer alignment

After meeting with property owners and making adjustments, Lula has finished the alignment for its new sewer line, which will add about 12,100 feet to the city’s current line and open up new corridors for development.

Robert Simmons with Rindt-McDuff Associates, the engineer for the project, said the sewer line will affect about 25 property owners. Three of those property owners raised concerns, but the alignment was adjusted to move the sewer line farther from their homes, Simmons said.

Lula is expecting to receive a $1.4 million loan from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, which would cover the whole project, City Manager Dennis Bergin said.

Bergin said it will be at least five more months before construction begins because the project still needs to be approved by the state’s Environmental Protection Division and put out to contractors for bidding. The construction will take at least 180 days, he said.

The line would run through the areas of Hwy. 365 and Belton Bridge Road in Lula.  

Most property owners are currently on a septic system and could opt in to the new sewer line once it is finished.

The sewer line would help attract development and sustain expected growth in future years, Bergin said.

“This is not only our future, but Hall County’s future,” Bergin said. “This is not only residential growth, commercial growth, light industrial, office professional. This is jobs. This will define what North Hall, in this section, is going to be.”

Bergin said the city likely should have invested in a sewer line already, but moving forward with the project now will serve development in the future.

“I love the old adage, ‘When is the best time to plant a tree?’ Twenty years ago. When was the best time to put the sewer in? Twenty years ago,” Bergin said.

Councilman Mordecai Wilson agreed.

“We have been way behind long enough,” Wilson said.

The council considered only building part of the proposed sewer line, but at a work session Wednesday, councilmen Garnett Smith and Marvin Moore agreed with Wilson that the whole project should move forward. Councilman Lamb Griffin was not at Wednesday’s work session.

Extending the sewer line would allow the city to close its 5th Street pump station, leaving Lula with four stations. Lula’s sewer line currently has about 1,100 customers, with the city’s population estimated at about 3,000, according to Census data.

The council has already held several public meetings about the sewer line and plans to meet with property owners soon to discuss the final alignment.

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