Hall authorities working reported drowning near Sunrise Cove Marina
Hall County Fire Services officials have confirmed they are working a reported drowning in the area of Sunrise Cove Marina, near Oakwood.
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What Lula is doing to encourage downtown development

The Lula City Council is considering several new ordinances, including the reduction or waiving of some regulatory fees to encourage downtown development, as well as regulations on parades, special events and filming in the city.

Downtown development

On Monday, Aug. 20, the council will vote on an ordinance that would allow the city to reduce or suspend fees for development, such as land disturbance permits and zoning applications, in an area downtown. The goal is to encourage businesses to come to downtown Lula.

The area covered by the ordinance includes Main Street and some surrounding side streets in Lula.

If the ordinance passes, someone would then be able to apply for a fee reduction or waiver through the City Council to save on startup costs for their business.

Mayor Jim Grier said there are several available buildings downtown that could be put to good use.

“Our objective in enacting this ordinance is to provide an incentive to that area downtown … That incentive would be available to every one of those buildings,” Grier said.

Regulations for parades and special events

The council will hold hearings on Monday on two separate ordinances, one that regulates events such as fun runs or bicycle races, and another that addresses parades and other forms of public assembly.

The first ordinance deals with events that affect the use of streets or sidewalks, such as races. Anyone who wants to hold one of these events would need a permit from the city, and the city would then work with agencies such as the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office to make sure the event is safe.

Fees for these types of events would be $250 if the event is three hours or less, $500 for three to six hours, $750 for six to nine hours and $1,000 for nine to 12 hours.

The other ordinance addresses parades and rallies. People who want to hold one of those events using sidewalks, public roads or public property other than a public city meeting room would also need a permit.


Lula wants to take advantage of the booming film industry in Georgia by passing its own film ordinance, modeled after Hall County and Oakwood’s existing regulations.

Filming would require a permit from the city, but non-commercial filming for family and private use would not be included under the regulations. Filming for news, government or education purposes would also be exempt.

Conditions attached to film permits may include requirements for government employees such as police officers or firefighters at the permittee’s expense, the placement of traffic control devices or signs, or mandated cleanup and restoration of the property.

Lula City Council

When: 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20

Where: Lula City Hall, 6055 Main St.

Regional events