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Longstreet expanding its Oakwood practice
The Longstreet Clinic recently began 9,359-square-foot renovation and expansion of its Family Medicine practice on Fairbanks Drive in Oakwood. - photo by Tom Reed

The Longstreet Clinic recently began a 9,359-square-foot, $1.94 million renovation and expansion of its Family Medicine practice on Fairbanks Drive in Oakwood.

The site will add almost 4,000 square feet to its current 5,380-square-foot location. It’s scheduled to be completed in spring 2013.

“We’re very excited about expanding our primary care base with Longstreet. We have a commitment to developing strong primary care, and implementing that across the clinic,” Dr. Marti Gibbs said.

Gibbs has practiced family medicine at Longstreet for 11 years.

“Primary care is so essential to health care,” she said. “The Affordable Care Act, the changes that the Obama administration made, I would say those changes in health care really look at what primary care is really all about.

And those physicians play a key role in providing quality care.”

She noted the distinct importance of family practice physicians for quality primary care.

“Family practice is not what I would call general practice. That’s a misconception,” she said. “They have one year of training; family has three.”

And now more than ever, attracting those specialties to the area is important, she said.

“Overall, not as many physicians are going into primary care, and so it’s hard to find quality physicians. But we have a new physician that’s starting in January, so we’ll be able to offer more spots for patients,” she said.

Eventually the practice will add a second physician, she said.

The practice is temporarily located in a modular building adjacent to the renovation site, where they have more exam rooms than the old building, Gibbs said.

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