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Under the Gold Dome: Day 8
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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Several state representatives expressed their interest of seeing more government oversight over interbasin transfers during House chamber proceedings Tuesday.

Rep. Debbie Buckner, D-Junction City, and Columbus delegation representatives filed House Bill 111, which would regulate water projects that transfer water from one river basin to another.

Later in the morning, Rep. Tom McCall, R-Elberton, chairman of the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee, and Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, announced their work on a similar bill, which would echo one they introduced during the 2010 legislative session. The bill would require the state to track how transfers would affect the "donor" basin before approving a permit.

Last week, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources board passed regulations that suggested the Environmental Protection Division should take into account environmental and economic effects of interbasin transfers when granting permits.


Senate Bill 32: Under the Public Service Commission, give certain exemptions for the issuance of stocks, bonds and notes in relation to debt transactions.
SB 33: Approve a zero-based budgeting process, which would allow alternative funding levels and require departmental priority lists.
SB 34: Allow public school students in charter schools and virtual schools to participate in extracurricular activities at their resident school.
SB 35: Prevent the Office of the State Treasurer from recalling funds once they have been deposited.
SB 36: Establish a program that monitors the prescription and dispensing of Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances, and create an Electronic Database Review Advisory Committee for oversight.
SB 37: Give the State Properties Commission the authority to enter into multiyear lease agreements and allow for the termination of certain rental and lease agreements.
Senate Resolution 84: Allow state entities to enter into multiyear rental agreements without requiring them to pay for the full contract at the outset.


House Bill 108: Give the city of Maysville a new charter, as approved June 2, 2010, to change the way that members of the City Council are elected and to establish ward boundaries.
HB 109: Prohibit public employees from using a state-owned computer or phone to promote or oppose any legislation through faxes, e-mail, printers or word processing software. This bill wouldn't include lobbyists.
HB 110: Create a vacant property registry to monitor empty buildings and foreclosures around the state.
HB 112: To match federal commercial motor vehicle laws, change vehicle requirements for the lighting equipment and warning flags for protruding loads, brake performance, ability, rear view mirrors, window tinting and tire tread depth.
HB 113: Allow any company that legally tows, transports or stores any motor vehicle to have a lien on the vehicle and its contents for the first 30 days of storage. The contents do not include prescription drugs, medical devices, child safety seats, keys or personal documentation such as birth certificates or passports.
HB 114: Revoke the fee for filing an affidavit on abandoned motor vehicles unless a full hearing is requested and granted by the court.
HB 115: Use nine digits for ZIP codes to disburse sales taxes.
HB 116: Under the Public Service Commission, give certain exemption for the issuance of stocks, bonds and notes in relation to debt.
HB 117: During property sales, require the person listed on the closing statement as the seller to pay withholding taxes and file required documents.
HB 118: Under ad valorem property taxes, create the definition of "current use value" to mean the amount a knowledgeable buyer would pay for the property with the intention of continuing the property in its existing use.
HB 119: Under sales taxes, change the definition of "business" to mean any activity engaged in by any person with the object of direct or indirect gain, benefit or advantage.
HB 120: Under income taxes, change the definition of "corporation" to include all associations, professional associations and insurance companies.
HB 121: Prohibit the use of discretionary clauses in health and disability insurance contracts under the Discretionary Clause Prohibition Act.
House Resolution 9: Create the Joint Teen Violence Study Committee to study teen abuse, peer pressure and anger management.
HR 11: Allow the General Assembly to give tax relief and a prioritized expenditure of excess state revenues during a budget surplus and limit appropriations from the Revenue Shortfall Reserve.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people. Lakewood Baptist Church Pastor Tom Smiley spoke in the Senate as the pastor of the day.

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