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Under the Gold Dome: Day 34
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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A Senate panel approved an $18.2 billion budget Monday for fiscal year 2012 that adds millions of dollars for capital projects in the state's university system and sets aside funds to track down missing taxes.

The Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved the budget, which will move to the Senate floor for a vote this week. The House approved an $18.25 billion budget on March 11.

The Senate version adds $50 million in bonds over what Gov. Nathan Deal suggested earlier this year.

The Senate also found $23.5 million to fund additional auditors and investigators in the state's Department of Revenue to collect taxes.

Both chambers tried to address questions about Medicaid and unemployment as $1 billion in federal stimulus money dries up this year.

The House and Senate budgets will go to a conference committee before landing on Deal's desk by the end of the legislative session.


Senate Bill 268: Allow Jones County Board of Education elections to be nonpartisan.
Senate Resolution 473: Create the Senate Study Committee on Bridging the Digital Divide in Aging Communities to determine how to help older generations get the appropriate level of training to use modern technologies and communications devices.
SR 479: Urge local boards of education to purchase school buses only equipped with video cameras after 2014.
SR 480: Urge local boards of education to require vending machines in schools to be stocked with only healthy options.


House Bill 593: Allow participation in the Regents Retirement Plan in lieu of the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia to be revocable at will.
HB 594: Change provisions related to limited liability companies and allow the creation of low-profit companies.
HB 595: Allow businesses to earn tax credits for jobs created in the year before an area was designated as an opportunity zone by the Department of Community Affairs. HB 596 is a similar version of this bill.
HB 597: Change certain provisions regarding brewpubs and how malt beverages are sold.
House Resolution 691: Create the House Study Committee on the Use and Development of Nuclear Plants in Georgia to study the safety aspects of nuclear power plants in Georgia and ensure that the residents are protected to the greatest extent possible.
HR 692: Urge local boards of education to implement renewable energy systems.
HR 693: Urge residential developers and builders to offer solar energy system installations.
HR 694: Create the House Hydropower Study Committee to investigate hydropower as a possible clean fuel source in Georgia.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people.

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