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Gainesville plans more road resurfacing
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After returning from vacation in September, I noticed that Hillside Drive in Gainesville had been resurfaced. Are there any plans to resurface Crestview Terrace or any other roads in our neighborhood?

According to the city’s public works director, David Dockery, the city plans to resurface several roads in that area in the next few months.

“We’re going to do part of Bradford Street, from Dixon Drive to Rudolph Street,” he said. “We’ll start that with some patching work, and we anticipate that it will be done in the next few months.”

In addition, the department will resurface a section of Holly Drive between Green Street and Springway Drive and part of Piedmont Road from Holly Drive to Wessell Road. Preparations for the Piedmont resurfacing are expected to start shortly.

Dockery hopes to start several projects in that area next year, though only if the department’s budget allows. These proposed improvements include parts of Adair Street, Chestatee Road, Forrest Avenue and another section of Holly Drive.

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