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Developer hush on tenants for new shopping center on Limestone Parkway
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What shops, restaurants, grocery store, etc. are going to be in this new shopping center on Limestone Parkway? I’ve heard several different stories.

A large Kroger will take up 125,000 square feet of the 287,000-square-foot shopping center, but the developer is not ready to announce any other tenants, Gainesville Community Development Director Rusty Ligon said.

The developer does have several letters of interest and should be making some announcements soon, though, Ligon said.

The New Holland Market development includes the shopping center along with up to nine outparcels that could add another 90,000 square feet for retail or restaurants. It’s located off Limestone and Jesse Jewell parkways.

Mike McNicholas, president of developer Carolina Holdings Inc., has said the Kroger will be the largest format story the company has in the Atlanta metro area, called a Kroger Marketplace. He’s said plans also call for both fast-food and sit-down dining restaurants, as well as other retail shops.

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