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Ask The Times: UNG athletics to change mascot next semester
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I have noticed The Times sports writers refer to the University of North Georgia sports teams as the Saints. Didn’t the students vote to refer to their sports teams as Nighthawks?

The school’s athletic teams will begin competing as the Nighthawks after this semester, University of North Georgia spokeswoman Kate Maine said. So until then, The Times will continue to refer to them as the Saints.

Maine said a mascot costume will be designed in the next few months.

Uniforms do not include a mascot emblem, so teams will continue using the same uniforms, she said. Newly designed uniforms in the future may use the new mascot.

What was the situation with the dead cows on Ga. 365 on Feb. 22?

Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks, spokesman for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, said there were two wrecks involving cows early that morning in the area of Mud Creek Road on Ga. 365.

Just before 4 a.m. a driver hit three cows that were in the road. The driver reported that four or five cows were in the way, there was limited visibility due to heavy rain, and he was unable to avoid the crash. He transported himself to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for injuries not specified in the report, Wilbanks said.

About 4:45 a.m. another wreck occurred that involved one cow, and no one was injured.

The Department of Transportation was notified to remove the carcasses but it was later in the morning before they were able to do so, Wilbanks said. The owner of the livestock has not been determined.

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