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Ask the Times: Field of Dreams is still operating
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Why hasn’t the Field of Dreams at Alberta Banks Park been used for the last two years? I have a child with a disability who would love to get to play ball again!

According to the Hall County government’s website,, the Field of Dreams has a rubberized baseball field and accessible playground that both meet standards set by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Youth sports league franchise i9 Sports used the field in March and April to operate a T-ball league for 24 players ages 5 to 10, parks director Mike Little said.

The i9 program lasted six weeks in March and April, with three weeks each of soccer and T-ball for children with disabilities. “You have to be able to either run or walk,” i9 program director Craig Magram said before the spring program. “We’ve had children who have inquired (about the program) with cerebral palsy and that’s fine, too, because they may have braces that will help them get to where they need to go. So it’s all-encompassing, with the only requirement is that they have to be mobile.

“Plans are to expand this league next spring in conjunction with i9 and Hall County Special Olympics,” Little wrote via email.

The Field of Dreams is not open for general access, Little said.

“Our current athletics division would handle the programming of any additional activities in partnership with i9 and Hall County Special Olympics,” he wrote.

Also, the park will not be used for the Georgia Special Olympics State Fall Games as Hall County once again hosts the event Oct. 10-11. All events will be held at North Hall Park, Laurel Park and Chicopee Woods Golf Course.

“The Field of Dreams will not be used for this event because it was constructed for the younger athletes,” Little wrote.

More about i9 Sports can be found at its website,

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