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Ask The Times: Deadline set for owner to fix property blight
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When does the Hall County law go into effect regarding property blight? The property on Browns Bridge Road /Ga. 369 which appears to be a boat repair facility is both unsightly and dangerous to an already busy road. There (are) always many people milling about and dozens of vehicles under various conditions of repair or storage, as well as boats and motorcycles. The road does not have any shoulder in this area, and many times these vehicles are very close to the road.

 “Our Marshal’s Office says they have already been in contact with this particular property owner, who has come into the office and met with both members of the Business License Department and Planning and Zoning Department,” Hall spokeswoman Katie Crumley wrote in an email. “He has been given until Oct. 1 to rectify some of the issues brought to their attention.”

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