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Legislature OKs Hall's third state court judge; now it's up to Gov. Perdue
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The state Senate has passed a bill creating a third judgeship for the State Court of Hall County. The measure, already passed by the House, now awaits the signature of Gov. Sonny Perdue.

The measure was introduced by the Hall County legislative delegation at the request of the county.

Hall County commissioners pledged to support the new judgeship with some $320,000 in the county budget.

The money will pay the new judge’s $157,000 annual salary, along with salaries for a secretary, law clerk, court reporter and $69,000 in office expenses, including the likely rental of office space in the short term, according to Reggie Forrester, trial court administrator for Hall County.

Commissioners agreed to budget the money in part because they expect the revenues from fees, fines and forfeitures should more than cover the cost of the new position.

Commission Chairman Tom Oliver said commissioners expect the judgeship to bring in at least 30 percent more than the amount budgeted for the office.

Last year, Hall County’s state court brought in $3.4 million in revenues.

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