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Learning as labor of love
Areas top teachers go all out for their students
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Gainesville Teacher of the Year: Denise McConnell, Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy

Hall County Teacher of the Year: Ashley DesPres, Lanier Elementary School

Gainesville City Schools Teachers of the Year

Hall County Schools Teachers of the Year

Our Views: Teachers fill a thankless job by leaving an imprint on the next generation

When you put you heart and soul into a job, usually it shows. Your energy is contagious, your work superb and you meet every challenge by looking for the best solution. And for those honored as Teachers of the Year, that’s certainly the case.

Today, we honor those teachers who get creative to meet the needs of every student, like Ashley DesPres, who knows that each child learns a little bit differently. We honor those who push their students to be their best because they know they can be, like Denise McConnell, who believes her students just need some positive reinforcement to know they can find the answers.

And we recognize teachers at all 33 Hall and eight Gainesville schools who put their effort into every day to shape the minds of future leaders.

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