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Lawsuit alleges excessive force against Hall sheriffs office
Man claims he was beaten, denied medical care, room searched during 2012 arrest
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An arrest outside of a Gainesville motel room is at the crux of a civil suit against the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Danny Bagwell, who was arrested July 21, 2012, at the Georgianna Motel on Atlanta Highway, claims the Hall County Sheriff’s Office used excessive force and denied him medical treatment, according to court documents.

While outside of his motel room that day, Bagwell claims Deputy Andy Long put him under arrest due to an outstanding White County warrant, and later searched his locked room without consent.

The lawsuit alleges that after Bagwell was handcuffed, Long threw him on the ground and beat him, “breaking his jaw, dentures, glasses and ribs, causing (Bagwell) significant injuries and pain.”

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office responded with a different account in the joint preliminary report of the case filed Sept. 25.

The sheriff’s office claims Long received consent to enter the motel room, and discovered black bags containing methamphetamine on a table. Bagwell then allegedly broke Long’s gun holster off his belt, which required Long to use “force justifiably to protect himself and others on the scene and to restrain (Bagwell).”

The sheriff’s office adds that Bagwell ultimately pleaded guilty to charges of possession of methamphetamine and felony obstruction, according to the response.

Bagwell and the sheriff’s office dispute the attempts for medical attention between the arrest and transfer to jail.

In his complaint, Bagwell claims he requested an ambulance multiple times, stating he had broken bones. The sheriff’s office, in its response, wrote that a medical unit was called to the scene, which they claim was refused by Bagwell.

In the report filed in U.S. District Court, the parties noted the possibility of settlement after discovery, and their legal counsel wrote they intend to hold additional settlement conferences before discovery ends.

Multiple attempts to reach Bagwell’s attorney Jordan Johnson and Sun Choy, lead attorney for the sheriff’s office, were unsuccessful.

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