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Laniers level likely to peak soon
Mary and O.G. Smith take a walk along Lake Lanier with their youngsters Quaran, 4, left, and Paris, 2, Monday afternoon at Longwood Park. With the recent heavy rains the lake is near full pool for the first time since 2005.

Lake Lanier is still on the rise — but maybe not for much longer.

The lake hit 1068.98 feet above sea level Monday evening, reaching levels it hasn’t hit since 2006, before a two-year drought began its onset.

Full pool is 1,071 feet, an elevation that hasn’t been recorded since September 2005.

The lake was at its lowest level ever, 1,050.79 feet, on Dec. 26, 2007.

Kent Frantz, senior service hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City, said the area, however, is now in a pattern of drier weather "and you can always expect a tendency of the lake to slowly go down through the fall season."

But between typically cooler temperatures and some scattered rainfall, it could be a slow decrease.

"The good news is ... past history has always shown that we have quite a bit of recovery during the winter," Frantz said.

Lanier is expected to reach 1,071 over the winter.

"(Lake Lanier) is starting out very high for a change and so it seems like a pretty high confidence that (the lake) is not only going to reach full pool sometime this winter but maybe even exceed it for a while.

"It just depends on how much (water) the (U.S. Army) Corps of Engineers wants to hold," Frantz said.

"There’s plenty of flood storage and things of that nature, and with everything that’s been going on in recent years, with droughts and water shortages, I would think they would be willing to store quite a bit ... if they had the opportunity to do it."

On Monday, the National Weather Service was predicting sunny skies through Thursday and a slight chance of thunderstorms Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures, meanwhile, should linger in the mid-70s through Monday.

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