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Lakeview Academy kicks off school year with tradition
Lakeview Academy sixth-grader Hylton Bennett shakes hands with Head of School John Kennedy Wednesday morning on the first day of classes.

A bell tolls across Lakeview Academy’s grounds, signaling the official start of the school year on Wednesday.

Students marked the occasion with a few traditional celebrations.

“We have a great tradition of signing the Honor Code for our new students, shaking hands with each child and ringing the bell,” said John Kennedy, Lakeview head of school.

All students, teachers and many parents gathered for a convocation in the school gymnasium Wednesday, where the signing of the Honor Code took place.

The new 12th-grade class donned navy shirts with the word “seniors” in white across the front for the assembly.

Senior Erin Lyles said she’s excited for the new year and “to apply to colleges and start our futures.”

She and classmate Natalie Bear said they love attending Lakeview for the sense of community.

“I just remember coming here in sixth grade and I still have all the same friends,” Lyles said.

“All of my teachers are here from elementary school,” Bear said in agreement. “It’s such a close family.”

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