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Why Lake Lanier levels will drop by the end of November
Lake Lanier

Update, Oct. 16: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers still plans to lower lake elevation to 1,069 feet by Nov. 30, although after recent heavy rains, more water will need to be drawn down.

With the level at 1,073.24 feet Friday, Oct. 16, the lake will need to come down 4.24 feet by the end of November, according to Timothy Rainey, operations project manager for Lake Lanier with the Corps.

Lake Lanier levels will drop by about 2 feet by Nov. 30 to allow for head gate repairs to be made at Buford Dam, the Army Corps of Engineers said in a press release Friday, Oct. 9. 

The reduction coincides with the winter pool drawdown that began Oct. 1. The winter full pool is 1,070 feet above sea level, and the summer full pool is 1,071 feet. 

The lake stood at 1,070.79 as of Friday morning.  

“The drawdown for repairs will lower the pool to 1,069 feet to allow safe access for repair crews at Buford Dam,” the release states. 

The repairs are expected to take about three weeks to complete. 

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Buford Dam sits at the base of Lake Lanier and is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Below the dam the Chattahoochee River continues southward. - photo by Scott Rogers