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What Lake Lanier Association’s new president envisions for the organization
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Todd Baxter, Lake Lanier Association president

Lake Lanier Association’s new president would like the organization to be viewed as a “trusted resource” for all things Lake Lanier.

“People are confused or just repeat what they’ve heard or what they think they should do to take action or who to call,” said Todd Baxter, a Gainesville resident. “I really want to … point people in the right direction.”

Baxter became the 4,500-member, Gainesville-based group’s president in May, succeeding John Barker, who retired after serving in that position since 2019.

“We’ve got a lot of great programs going, like Shore Sweep, solar lights, things that have been around for years that we want to continue to grow incrementally,” Baxter said.

He cited the life jacket loaner stations on the lake as a program “we’re excited about.”

“The goal is to make all those programs move toward being what I call the trusted resource on Lake Lanier,” Baxter said. “Our goal is to keep the lake clean, full and safe overall, so we’re not really going to embark on anything that would be counter to that.

“We want to take on initiatives that continue to do those things.”

On its website, the organization says it “seeks to protect the quality, quantity and safety of Lake Lanier through education, action and advocacy.”

Baxter said he has been “passionate about the lake since I first stepped foot on it” as a part-time resident in 2005.

“We’ve lived in a couple different states (since then), but we’ve always had a lakehouse here that we spent time at in the summers,” he said.

Baxter became a full-time resident in 2019 and joined the association’s board in 2020.

The move seemed natural as “my background is getting large groups of people together to get things done,” said Baxter.

A press release from the organization states that Baxter “has had a distinguished professional career as an executive focused on helping large companies ensure their service models are best in class and operations are performing at their peak of quality and efficiency.”

A “service-first mindset has been in Todd’s DNA as long as he can remember, and this holds true with his community as well,” the release states.