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Katt Williams to pay almost $87K in damages for outrageous publicity stunt in Gainesville
Katt Williams

The man allegedly assaulted by comedian Micah “Katt” Williams in Gainesville last year was awarded $86,715 in damages in a civil case Wednesday.

Since the incident, Williams has been banned from Hall and Dawson counties and did not appear in court Wednesday morning.

In what Paul Love’s attorney Caroline McGlamry called an “outrageous publicity stunt,” Williams allegedly punched Love in the face and threw items at his head Feb. 29, 2016, inside Leslie’s Pool Supplies in Gainesville.

The criminal charges are still pending in the court system.

“I didn’t know what he was going to do, send in his goons, I didn’t know,” Love said.

He chose to sue for damages in hopes the hit to Williams’ pocketbook would teach him a lesson, McGlamry said.

Love had a brain tumor removed two months prior to the incident. He was fearful the items thrown at him would “dislodge something up there.”

To confirm nothing had damaged his brain, he was required to get an MRI scan and other medical care that totaled $6,500.

Love was also awarded punitive damages of $54,000. McGlamry said they calculated that number based off the earnings Williams could make off a sold-out show ($540,000) and took 10 percent of that.

State Court Judge B.E. Roberts also awarded Love $13,000 for emotional suffering, another $13,000 because he feared for his life with Williams’ malicious intent and $215 in court costs.

When Williams entered the store, he began piling items on the floor in the aisles, demanding that Love retrieve the items and ring him up.

“It was really odd,” Love said.

Love followed his orders and began ringing him up, but then Williams left the store.

“I thought maybe I was getting ‘Punk’d,’” Love said.

“Punk’d” was a popular television series that featured celebrities getting pranked. Love had worked at Walgreens for 10 years previous to his employment at Leslie’s and had experienced people coming in, filling up their carts and leaving.

Another customer came in to the store, so Love set Williams’ items aside. When the comedian came back into the store 15 to 20 minutes later, he was “incensed,” Love said. The defendant said Williams began hurling items at his head and accused him of being racist.

Williams came behind the counter where Love was and assumed a “fighting stance” and asked Love if he wanted to fight, then Williams allegedly punched Love in the jaw.

Love also said Williams took out a wad of cash, primarily $100 bills and began counting it off in front of him.

When Love tried to call 911, Williams hung up the landline phone two or three times. In the call played in court, Love can be heard asking Williams to stop throwing things at him.

“(Dealing with someone) so erratic, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Love said.

When police arrived, Williams lay facedown on the concrete outside with his hands behind his back.

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