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Jefferson updating its personnel policies
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JEFFERSON — Jefferson officials are busy updating existing personnel polices and procedures manuals, including taking a look at employee sick time.

During Monday’s city council work session, Jefferson City Manager John Ward gave a progress report on the updates.

“The last personnel policy was adopted in (2001) and there was an amendment in (2006). (City Clerk) Elizabeth McDonald and I have been working on this for the past year to get things brought up to date,” said Ward. “Where applicable we have quoted state and federal law.”

To save money, when the updated policies and manuals are completed they will be burned onto CDs for staff instead of physical copies being printed out, Ward said.

During the discussion, Ward also brought up a personnel issue that needs further consideration.

“We may want to take a look at encouraging a wiser use of employee sick time. Employees are currently allowed to gain 1,040 hours of sick time, but I would like to gauge opinions on allowing an employee that is set for retirement to use sick time toward their compilation of time (working for the city),” said Ward. “I see it as a way to encourage employees to use their sick time more wisely and it could increase productivity.”

While the council members informally agreed that they would like Ward to take a closer look at the policy, Jefferson Mayor Jim Joiner warned that the city would have to be careful with such a policy because “it could be very expensive.”

The group also received an update on the most recent Local Option Sales Tax figures.

According to Amie Vaughan, city finance director, funds collected last month were around $7,000 lower than last year, but higher than the previous month. In August, the city collected nearly $63,000 in LOST funds, in July, the totals were around $57,000. In August 2008, LOST collections were up to $69,826.

The Jefferson City Council didn’t take any action during Monday’s meeting, however the group will act on agenda items during the body’s voting session on Sept. 28.

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