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Jefferson police offer online sign-ups for extra patrols
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JEFFERSON — If you live in Jefferson, you can breathe a little easier while you are on vacation knowing that the city police department is keeping a closer eye on your home or business.

Although the Jefferson Police Department always has provided extra patrols for homeowners and business owners who came in to fill out the extra patrol form, now the process has been streamlined.

"While we were updating our Web site, we decided to add the business and home check request forms," said Maj. Dave Hill of the Jefferson Police Department. "It just helps to streamline the process in getting an officer out to businesses and homes when the owners are out."

Last month alone, the police department completed 9,160 house and 3,168 business checks. The new online form also will make the patrols more effective, said Hill.

"Sometimes with the (paper) form people don’t fill it all the way out, so we’re missing information," he said. "With the Web version, they can’t submit the form until everything is filled out."

Among other things, the patrol request form includes information about departure and return dates.

The newer form also includes information about expected workers — such as landscapers or cleaning crews — who may be at the home or business in the owner’s absence. Property owners also can leave special instructions for the patrol officer assigned to their property concerning vehicles left in yards or interior lights left on.

The purpose of the information is to help officers spot out-of-place and suspicious activity more quickly.

"They can also put in an emergency contact that we can contact if we notice a problem," said Hill. "We obviously need the forms before they leave town, but the sooner they can fill them out the better. I would say as soon as make your travel arrangements, you should fill out the extra patrol request form."

Although the request forms are available online, they still are available at the police department at 140 Maheffey St.

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