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If I were mayor ...
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If I were mayor, I would do many things to make Gainesville a better place.

First of all, I would refashion humane societies and make them bigger and better for animals. Another thing I would do is put sidewalks on every street. Finally, I would beautify the land by planting flowers and cleaning litter. I think making these modifications could benefit our city tremendously.

Our Humane Societies today are pretty dirty, and they’re not that big. We should modify today’s humane societies and make them a healthier place for animals to live. I think we should always have a veterinarian come to help the sick animals, so the other animals don’t get sick. Another good idea is to have a nice walking area around for volunteers to walk the dogs. Plus, if the humane society had more room, they wouldn’t have to put as many animals to sleep.

The next thing I would change as mayor is placing sidewalks on each and every street. If we had sidewalks on every street, more people would exercise because it would be safer than walking on the streets. Also, I think planting flowers and cleaning litter would make Gainesville even more beautiful than it already is.

I would be honored to be mayor of this fabulous city!