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How Lula could change how often council members are paid

The Lula City Council will soon hold two hearings and vote on whether council members should be able to receive compensation for more meetings.

Community members can comment on the proposed changes at the regular Council work session and meeting on May 13 and 20, with a vote set for May 20.

Council members’ base salaries of $100 per month would not change. Council members are paid $100 for each meeting outside the city and can be compensated for a maximum of four outside meetings each month. Their payment for meetings outside the city would not change.

However, the amount of meetings inside city limits that council members could be paid for would double from three to six under the proposed changes. They are paid $50 for each meeting in Lula. They also can get $50 for an additional work session.

Proposed changes would increase the maximum monthly compensation for council members from $700 to $850.

“We’re not voting ourselves a raise. It’s just more meetings,” Councilman Marvin Moore said at an April 15 meeting when the idea was discussed. “Sometimes we’ve had a lot of committee meetings and we’re not able to get compensated.”

City Manager Dennis Bergin noted that meetings with groups like the Hall County Joint Municipal Association and Georgia Mountains Regional Commission can keep council members busy and require them to travel outside Lula.

The mayor’s base monthly salary of $400 would also stay the same. The mayor currently receives $100 for each meeting outside the city with compensation for a maximum of five outside meetings a month, which also would not change.

The mayor’s compensation for each meeting inside the city is $50, and proposed changes would allow the mayor to be paid for five meetings in Lula each month rather than four. Like council members, the mayor can also receive $50 for an extra work session.

Proposed changes would increase the maximum monthly compensation for the mayor from $1,150 to $1,200.

Officials would also be able to spend $250, rather than $180, per day on a hotel for the Georgia Municipal Association conference held annually in Savannah.

Lula City Council work session

When: 6 p.m. Monday, May 13

Where: Lula City Hall, 6055 Main St.

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