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How Brenau is re-imagining Women's College for modern challenges
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Brenau University is reimagining its 140-year-old Women’s College in Gainesville, and will launch three “signature” programs beginning next year that aim to prepare today’s students to tackle the challenges of their time.

According to a Dec. 13 press release from the university, these programs will focus on developing gender awareness, personal and professional confidence, service and leadership skills, and a global perspective for the advancement of women.

Officials said they intend to “redefine and “re-conceptualize” the student experience through two undergraduate programs: GOLD and The Ideal Collective.

Launching in the fall of 2019, GOLD is an acronym with each letter focusing on a one-year study area for all Women’s College students:

Gender: a year committed to women’s empowerment

Ownership: a year focused on personal responsibility

Leadership: a year dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders

Diversity: a year concentrating on global citizenship

The Ideal Collective is designed as an immersive, living-learning community focused on transformative leadership through collaborative, project-based service learning.

According to university officials, this two-year program will be open only to juniors and seniors through a competitive application process.

“The newly reimagined Women’s College will incorporate academic enhancements, as well, including gender-focused training for faculty, individual career planning, portfolio development and mentoring for each student, along with a prominent speakers series, capstone courses, seminars and more,” the press release states.

Lastly, Brenau plans to launch an Executive Women’s Masters of Business Administration graduate program. The first cohort is scheduled to begin in January 2020.

“Women’s college graduates have higher earning potential, greater leadership skills and greater self-esteem than female graduates from coeducational institutions,” Brenau President Ed Schrader said. “Through the addition of these carefully curated new programs, we are going to continue Brenau’s legacy of providing leading-edge support and education for women.”