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How to apply for homestead exemptions online and in person
Hall County Government Center

Hall County property owners can now file for a homestead exemption, a personal property reporting form, sign up for an agriculture covenant or file a taxpayer return of real property with the Hall County Board of Assessors Office.

The period ends April 1.

There are several different types of homestead exemptions, including a regular homestead exemption, as well as those for senior citizens, the total school tax, disabled persons or disabled veterans. Only the regular homestead exemption can be applied for online. For other exemptions, apply in person at the Tax Assessors Office in the Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville.

Homestead exemptions, including school tax exemptions, do not transfer when someone moves.

Owners of boats, personal watercrafts, aircraft or businesses need to file the personal property reporting form on or before April 1. Also, properties used for agriculture can qualify for the conservation use covenant.

While not necessary, the county advises that you file a taxpayer return of real property if you would like your real property valuation reviewed for 2019.

Compiled from Hall County Government press release

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