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Houseboat occupants sickened by carbon monoxide
Nine people taken to hospital; generator likely to blame
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Ten people were sickened Wednesday morning by what appeared to be high levels of carbon monoxide in a houseboat on Lake Lanier.

Nine of the 10 occupants were transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Two of those were transported as emergencies due to the levels of carbon monoxide in their systems, said Hall County Fire Chief David Kimbrell. The rest were transported as nonemergency patients.

“They all appeared to be stable,” Kimbrell said.

Of those transported, five were children and four were adults.

Firefighters arriving to the call found occupants of the boat on Sunset Cove suffering from nausea, headaches and vomiting. Monitors and meters determined high levels of carbon monoxide in the vessel.

Hall County Fire Services is investigating the cause of the fumes.

“We pretty sure it was a generator,” Kimbrell said.

According to witnesses, the boat had docked overnight during a storm and had run a generator to operate an air conditioning unit.

“Fortunately, they woke up this morning,” Kimbrell said.

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