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Here are firework tips for pet owners

Humane Society of Northeast Georgia Executive Director Julie Edwards said it only takes one big boom of a firework to send a cat or dog bolting.

“If they’re not chipped or if they happen to lose their collar … finding them can be incredibly difficult,” Edwards said.

When the fireworks start flying, Edwards advised people to keep animals inside and preferably in a kennel or a crate. Turning on music can help mask the sound, as well as some clothing options that provide compression for anxiety control.

If the animal is microchipped and goes missing, the humane society advises informing the company to check for corresponding found pets.

Other tips include notices on social media and visiting nearby veterinarians with a flyer.

Edwards and the humane society said most dogs don’t wander far from home.

“Have a slip lead and some yummy treats handy,” according to the humane society’s lost pet checklist. “Sit or lay on the ground and entice them to come to you and slip the lead over their head.”