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Help desk for Hall students should debut next month
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A 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year technology helper is on the way for Hall County students.The Hall County School Technology Help Desk is designed to help students and teachers manage all the technology that is part of education today, officials said.The help desk is expected to launch on April 8, about a month later than originally planned.The help desk is being maintained by a third-party company. Prior to hiring the company, the county handled all technology issues in-house.“We want to provide all Hall County Schools’ users with top quality technology support during normal business hours and beyond,” said Greg Odell, e-learning specialist at the Board of Education meeting. “Beyond” in this case means outside school hours, he said.The staff help desk was a priority because teachers are dependent on technology to write lesson plans, present class instruction or have access to the Internet for a class, said Matt Cable, network engineer for the school district.A video discussing the help desk for teachers is active on the Hall County Schools website, will need to use their identification numbers to access support.Once the help desk is in full use, all the school district users will be empowered to receive real-time tech support, said Cable.“The help desk agent will solve the (technology) issues when possible,” said Cable.In the report to the board, a resolution benchmark of 75 percent was discussed; a 90-second maximum wait time for staff and students was also mentioned.“If an agent isn’t able to resolve the issue, a ticket will be sent to the Hall County School’s technology department and then routed to the appropriate department,” he said.The work orders will no longer be entered into SchoolDude, but maintenance work-orders will be continued to be entered there, the technology department report stated.In addition, in the event of a districtwide issue, such as an outage or planned maintenance, Hall County Schools’ users will be contacted byhelp desk agents.All help desk agents are in the United States.