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'Hello from Home': We want to hear from soldiers, their families
New blog offers way for soldiers, folks back home to stay in touch
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In years past, the only way military servicemen and servicewomen overseas could stay in touch with home was through letters, an occasional phone call or maybe a glimpse of the crowd at a Bob Hope USO show. Today, the Web can bring us together as a single community like no other time in our history. Now we’d like to use it to connect our soldiers with the folks back home.

The Times and is launching a blog called "Hello from Home." It is intended as a forum about, and for, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces serving around the world. Northeast Georgia has many members of the military representing our nation in combat and support roles.

Here’s how it will work: We’d like military members (or their families in the area) to go to the "Hello from Home" blog and tell us about how they are doing and what their lives are like. We’d like you to include an e-mail address for the soldier so that our readers can offer words of support and encouragement. If the soldier is allowed to receive care packages from home, we’d like you to include information on how to mail those.

We also need family members to tell their soldiers about the blog, so that hopefully, when they have a spare minute, they can post to the site and tell our readers what what’s happening in their lives.

Then we need our readers to step forward. Visit the blog and send e-mails of support to the troops who have signed up for "Hello from Home." Or send a care package so the troops know the folks back home support them. And don't forget to share your thoughts in our blog.

Sign up and share your thoughts and ideas, plus information on the military heroes in your family and neighborhoods. Our military heroes have given us so much; it’s only fitting that we find a way to show our appreciation in every way possible.

Click here to view the "Hello from Home" blog. 

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