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Heir to the crowns: New Oakwood dentist joins his fathers practice
Dr. Mike Martin, of Mundy Mill Dental, welcomes his son Dr. Ben Martin to the family practice. Ben Martin's addition allows the practice to expand it's services which is requiring some renovations at the dental offices.

Mundy Mill Dental is going through some changes.

The dental office at 4328 Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood is undergoing renovations, however the biggest change comes in the form of the addition of a new dentist — Dr. Ben Martin, the son of Dr. Michael Martin who runs the practice.

Ben Martin is set to start work at his father’s practice Aug. 2, but has known for years he wanted to become a dentist.

“Growing up I was around it,” he said. “We have several generations of different medical fields in our family.”

Ben said he spent time at his father’s office growing up but his grandfather also worked in the medical field as a urologist. After deciding he wanted to work in the medical field, Ben narrowed his career choice down further, deciding in high school to become a dentist.

Before heading off to college, Ben worked at Mundy Mill Dental where he sterilized tools, assisted and shadowed his father. He also shadowed other local dentists and decided he really liked the atmosphere at the offices, describing it as much more laid back than other types of doctor’s offices.

Once enrolled in dental school Ben enjoyed every aspect of it.

“I really found what I was meant to do,” Ben Martin said.

Michael Martin is looking forward to his son joining him at the office.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It gives me a little more pep in my step as far as coming to work and I get to brag because Ben did outstandingly well in college and in dental school.”

Mundy Mill Dental opened in 1982 at a nearby office. It moved to its current site in 1984.

“We have always been a family dental practice, it’s like a jack of all trades, and we try and deliver quality dental care,” Michael Martin said.

Through the years, Michael said he has streamlined the practice a bit, eliminating some of the procedures he doesn’t like to do. Ben will bring new services to the office.

“Ben is going to bring root canals to the practice and he has much, much more surgical expertise to bring to the practice,” Michael Martin said.

Ben will also bring his experience with dental implants and Invisalign braces as well as new methods of sedation for patients who might otherwise be too nervous to get dental treatment. The new method of sedation is through an IV where the patient remains conscious but won’t remember much of the procedure.

“A lot of things normally you have to go to other offices to have,” Ben Martin said. “When you’re comfortable with the team that we have here, a lot of time patients like to stay in the same spot to have those procedures done.”

The office is also undergoing physical changes to allow room for the new services. The renovation includes the creation of a dentistry suite which will provide a comfortable area in the office for the newly-offered procedures.

“The word we keep saying is excited,” Ben said of joining the practice. “It’s been a long time coming.”

He’s excited to move back to the area with his family and serve some of the patients he knows from his days working in the office before dental school.

“Coming back, knowing that I’ll be able to serve them here it’s a neat thing to see and be able to do,”

Ben is a West Hall High School graduate. He went to Clemson University for an undergraduate degree, then to Augusta University College of Dental Medicine for dental school, graduating in 2015. He finished a general practice residency in Augusta earlier this year.

He and his wife Jill have a 2-year-old daughter and are expecting a son in November.

Michael Martin graduated from Gainesville High School in 1973. He has an undergraduate degree from Emory University, and received a doctorate of dental surgery from to Emory School of Dentistry in 1982. In addition to Ben, Michael and his wife Abby have two other adult sons, Phillip and Andy.

“I know that my patients that I love and hold dear to me are going to be in great hands,” Michael said. “I’m 60 years old, almost 61, so I’ll be retiring not too far down the road and I’m ecstatic that my patients will have someone as outstanding as Ben to take care of them.”

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