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Halloween dance brings together mothers, sons together for night of fun
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Anna Hewell and her 4-year-old son Aaron dance Thursday during the 13th annual Mother Son Dance at the Gainesville Civic Center. There were 90 boys signed up to attend the dance with their moms. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Mommies and their sons boogied the night away at the Gainesville Civic Center Thursday night.

One duo, Trudie Brunson Allen and Josiah Allen, came prepared to win and walked home with the Most Creative Costume award.

“It’s our second year coming,” Trudie said.

She spent hours scouring the Internet for an appropriate costume and finally found one on Pinterest.

Trudie came decked out as a s’more and her son dressed as a flame.

She dressed in all white and made the graham cracker part by using a sandwich-board style contraption hung over her shoulders and decorated to look like the cracker.

She glued dark brown fabric around the edges and pasted a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar wrapper on the front with pillow cushioning sticking out of the edges.

Both wore hats, too. Trudie created them from a piece of cardboard, which she glued to mattress foam, which held the foam piece’s circular shape. She then filled the middle with pillow cushioning.

For Josiah’s costume, she first bought a hula hoop. Next, she picked up a few yards of different colored and textured fabrics in reds, yellows and whites to create the flame effect.

She got most of her supplies from Jo-Ann Fabric Store and Hobby Lobby.

Green, blue, red and yellow Christmas lights were also thrown in.

“I covered the green and blue in black tape,” Trudie said.

Altogether, the costumes cost her $30.

Last year they dressed as the Incredibles from the PIXAR film by the same name.

Josiah’s outfit cost around $40 and Trudie’s cost around $75, which she didn’t want to pay this year.

“It’s so much cheaper this way,” Trudie said.

Trudie is also mom to two daughters, which she said usually get a large part of her attention.

“I think the dance is something to do with your son,” Trudie said. “It’s just a nice time for me and him.”

Elizabeth Castano and her son Jacob Castano had the same reason for coming.

“We don’t get too many mother-son things,” Elizabeth said.

Her son insisted on being “the new sheriff in town” as his costume, so she matched him with a cowgirl getup.

Some of the pieces they already had, but the rest were found at department stores.

“I just put stuff together,” Castano said. “It was more fun that way.”

It was the Castanos first time coming, and they brought friends Karen and Landyn Godsoe.

Landyn told his mom he wanted to be the Grim Reaper, so she gave in to his request. Elizabeth helped them out with the spooky makeup.

Anna Hewell and her 4-year-old son Aaron Hewell didn’t need makeup to portray Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series.

“Boys love dressing up, too,” Anna said. It was the Gainesville duo’s first time coming to the event and plan on coming next year, too.

The 13th annual Mother Son Dance is held every year by the Gainesville Parks and Recreation Department.

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