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Hall Tales, episode 7: Chicopee village
Homes line the streets in the Chicopee community, once the site of the mill village for Johnson & Johnson.

Johnny Vardeman, Kay Scoville and Dale Jaeger take us back to the heydey of Chicopee Village, the mill town built to support the Johnson & Johnson mill that’s now home to Left Nut Brewing Co. on Atlanta Highway.

The tight streets, lofty oaks and close-knit community was home to some well-known Gainesville residents in its day — and the village was a source of much of the town’s blue-collar backbone from the early 1900s until the mill closed. 

Scoville grew up in the village, and her first memories of life there began during World War II. Jaeger is a landscape architect who led the project to get the village recognized as a national historic district.

In 2017, The Times wrote about attempts to revitalize Chicopee Village, which fell into moderate disrepair in the years after the mill closed.

Hall Tales is a podcast series produced by The Times that explores the history of Hall County from recent events to those beyond living memory. Episodes publish twice a month through December, when the county will celebrate its 200th birthday.

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