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Hall seeks grant for recycling program
Coca-Cola offers $1.4 million to local governments
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Hall County is hoping for a boost from Coca-Cola to up its recycling effort.

The Atlanta-based soft drink company has offered $1.4 million to local governments around the state to help promote and implement recycling programs with the goal of recycling all the cans and plastic bottles it produces by the year 2020.

Hall County has submitted a grant application in hopes of receiving a cut of Georgia’s available funds.

Rick Foote, the county’s natural resources coordinator, said the county has a few goals in mind, starting with single-stream recycling, which is collecting all recyclables at once rather than asking people to sort them.

“One thing we’re looking to do is convert to single- stream recycling, which is the wave of the future,” Foote said. ”Hopefully it would help us to process it.”

Another important component to any successful recycling program is education, Foote said.

He hopes money will be available to wrap a county vehicle with a promotional display.

“It would be very eye-catching and showy, help people recognize it as a recycling vehicle. It could go around to the schools and collect some of the recycling,” Foote said.

Schools play a big part in county recycling efforts.

Foote said it is important to teach children good recycling habits early on.

“Sometimes when you educate a child, you educate three people, plus two of their parents,” Foote said.

To get kids interested in recycling, Foote said he hopes Coca-Cola will be able to provide prizes as incentives to the schools with the highest recycling collections.

He also said he hopes there will be funding available to provide more rolling recycling bins in the schools.

“That comes down to two factors: education and convenience. The third we’re trying to get into is incentives,” Foote said. “This grant has all three.”