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Hall school board member Sloan not running for re-election
Brian Sloan

Hall County school board member Brian Sloan announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election this year.

In a Facebook post and email to The Times, Sloan said his commitment to his duties at Chestnut Mountain Church had brought him to a “crossroad.”

“With the wonderful blessing of the rapid growth of the church in which I serve … and the additional responsibilities that come along with hundreds of additional people coming has made me seriously evaluate my time and priorities,” Sloan said.

Sloan is currently serving his third term on the board representing South Hall and was last re-elected in 2014, narrowly defeating Mark Pettitt.

He said his decision was not influenced by any controversy over school redistricting in the South Hall post he represents.

“I think I still have a strong support base and would like to think I would be re-elected if I entered the race,” Sloan said. “However, that is just not the wise thing for my family, Chestnut Mountain Church, the Hall County School District or me. It is my strong belief that there is someone out there who can take this position and give it the time and attention in the next four years that I would not be able to give.”

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