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Hall Planning Commission recommends approval of auto and boat sales business on Browns Bridge
Hall County Government Center

The Hall County Planning Commission narrowly recommended Monday to approve a boat and car sales and detailing business at the intersection of Browns Bridge Road and Trudy Circle in Gainesville.

Commission members Chris Braswell and Johnny Varner voted against the request, while the other commission members, Don Smallwood, Frank Sosebee and Bo Brooks, voted in favor of approving the request under the condition that only six boats or cars could be parked in front of the business at any given time.

Laurie Dovey, along with her husband, owns Crisp Boat & Auto LLC at 5210 Browns Bridge Road. Dovey said at Monday’s meeting that the business will be offering boat sales and detailing during the summer months, then during the boating off-season, the business will focus more on auto sales and detailing. Dovey said she and her husband have been cleaning out the building and working on building repairs, but the business is not yet open.

Joe Twiggs lives in the area and voiced his concerns at Monday’s meeting. That area of Browns Bridge Road is already a hazard, he said, and he is worried that adding another business might endanger drivers.

“That’s one of the most hazardous roads to get in and out of … Trudy Circle goes right down the side of that business, and you can’t see people coming,” Twiggs said.

Dovey said she understands his concerns and realizes that visibility at the turn is an issue, so the boats in front of the building could be parked farther back to avoid blocking drivers’ views.

The commission decided to limit the amount of vehicles at the business to address traffic and visibility concerns.

“It’s a very tight area … there would have to be strict limitations with what was up front,” commission member Brooks said.

The commission’s recommendation will go to the Hall County Board of Commissioners, which will hold a public hearing on June 28, for the final say.

Hall County Board of Commissioners meeting

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, June 28

Where: Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville

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