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Hall drivers, deer movement hits peak this week
The Department of Natural Resources will host an open house in Gainesville about the deer population.

Deer movement will be at its peak this week in Hall County, according to research released by UGA earlier this year.

This is when deer are looking to mate and pose a greater risk for drivers to crash, UGA professor of wildlife ecology and management Bob Warren told The Times in September.

Warren and other UGA researchers created a map following a study of deer rutting season, where deer roam around to find mates. The research used crash information from 2005 through 2012 and studied the movements of deer with tracking devices.

Hall County and surrounding counties Forsyth, Jackson and Gwinnett share the Nov. 10-16 peak deer movement week.

There are ways drivers can reduce risk and injury, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

• Be aware that deer are unpredictable. A deer standing calmly on the side of the road may bolt into the road when startled by a vehicle.

• Deer travel in groups. If one crosses the road, prepare for more to follow.

• Deer are most active at night, between dawn and dusk. Avoid driving at these times if possible.

• Slow down to minimize damage. Resist the urge to swerve to avoid the deer; traveling off the roadway or colliding with another vehicle is likely to cause more damage.