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Hall County's Sugar Hill Elementary wants to create program of choice
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Sugar Hill Elementary School presented a tentative plan to the Hall County school board Monday for the creation of a Talent and Career Program of Choice.

Principal Beth Skarda said the TAC Program would help students explore what they are good at and what they are interested in doing in the future.

“We hope to help children find connections between what they are interested in and good at and what future careers they connect to,” she said. “We hope to help students find and create connections between what they love now and what they will become as adults.”

In the program, all sixth-graders will develop a 10-year plan. Skarda said this means 12-year-olds will think about where they want to be at 22 years old.

“We realize kids are going to change their mind five or six or more times, but it’s about a self-vision and being self-aware,” she said.

Any Hall County Schools student may apply to a program of choice, regardless of his or her home school assignment. During the application process, students are evaluated for the match between their strengths and interests and the program goals, content and instructional approaches.

Superintendent Will Schofield said this program will lay a foundation for all young learners who participate in it and it will help them be more successful.

“I think this could be a model, in terms of the research behind it and the schoolwide enrichment model, for all of our elementary schools at some point in the future,” Schofield said.