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Hall County to outsource payroll, timekeeping
HR director says new process will be more efficient; county will pay ADP $235,000 annually
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Hall County will outsource its timekeeping and payroll services to ADP, the nation’s largest payroll services provider, in a move made Thursday that officials said will improve processing and reduce costs.

“This will bring the county into the 21st Century,” said Commissioner Scott Gibbs.

But it will take some money to do it.

The county will pay ADP about $235,000 annually, plus a one-time installation fee of $84,500 spread out over the life of a five-year contract, to manage electronic timekeeping and cut checks for some 1,600 county workers.

The new system will end the manual tallying of worker hours.

Human Resources Director Bill Moats has said there is no consistent method across all county departments for tallying employee hours, and more than 60 timekeepers are charged with tracking and processing hours logged.

“This should cut that down considerably,” Gibbs said, adding that the new system will help reduce mistakes in tracking worker schedules.

Officials have also budgeted $50,000 annually to lease a few dozen time clocks.

Moats said the lease option comes with support and maintenance, making it a more cost-effective choice than purchasing.

ADP will also process W-2 tax forms, and the county will no longer be liable for misapplied wage garnishments.

“It’s impressive,” Commissioner Billy Powell said of the electronic timekeeping capability, which allows managers to better shift and change schedules to fit work demands.

“I think flexibility is the answer,” said Commission Chairman Richard Mecum.

Outsourcing this works does not eliminate the county payroll department, which will still handle queries from workers, but should free up staff across many departments, officials said.

Moats said the county would eliminate some current costs in the process and shrink inefficiencies.

“This is going to make us a lot more efficient, a lot more compliant in a number of areas,” he added.

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