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Hall County schools declare surplus vehicles for upcoming auction
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Those searching for big, yellow modes of transportation need look no further than the Hall County School District.

Board of Education members have voted to auction off multiple school buses no longer of use to the system due to their age and some damage.

“They have issues that range from rusted metal flooring that cannot be replaced (to) high mileages,” said Jewel Armour, executive director of operations for the school district. “(We) cannot buy parts for some. Some wrecked, and some run but need repairs that will cost more than the value of the bus.”

Model years range from 1989 to 1998. Technology has changed over the years, and school systems are shifting to more energy-friendly and cost-effective means of transportation.

Some of the school’s buses use propane liquefied petroleum gas, or LP fuel. The district is able to lock in diesel prices and save a little money that way.

Out of the declared surplus, one that was totaled in a wreck was donated to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office for SWAT team training.

“You can legally gift to another school district or municipality,” Superintendent Will Schofield explained at the June 9 work session.

The rest will go up on the auction block. There are also a couple of trucks going up for auction, as well.

No date is set yet for the auction, but Armour said it will likely be in July.

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