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Hall County public works seeks increases in budget
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Hall County: Public works

FY2015 request: $5.51 million total — $986,00 for engineering, $604,000 for fleet maintenance and $3.92 million for road maintenance

FY2014 budget: $4.39 million total — $812,000 for engineering, $576,000 for fleet maintenance and $3 million for road maintenance

What’s new: Six additional personnel for the road maintenance division

The Hall County Public Works department is looking to increase its budget for all general fund divisions — road maintenance, fleet maintenance and engineering – in the 2015 fiscal year.

The largest general fund budget belongs to the road maintenance division. And thanks to increases in personnel and capital outlay, that budget is expected to near $4 million next year, an almost $1 million increase.

The six new positions, supported by $283,000 in salary and benefits, will conduct maintenance of ditch lines and drainage ways throughout the county.

Additionally, $583,000 has been budgeted for capital projects.

Road maintenance objectives for the coming budget year include completing request information forms for all calls to fix potholes within five days, training staff and maintaining mowing along 8 miles of right-of-way.

Meanwhile, the engineering division budget is expected to increase to almost $1 million next year. The budget includes an additional $44,000 for capital outlay for motor vehicle purchases.

Salaries and benefits for personnel in this division will also increase. Total salary costs will rise by about $68,000 while health insurance spending will jump close to $30,000.

The fleet maintenance budget will see the smallest funding increase of the three divisions.

Total funding for fleet maintenance is expected to grow about $30,000, with the biggest change coming in capital outlay and training materials.